Saturday, January 24, 2009

Blog Candy, Blog Candy, and what...?!? MORE BLOG CANDY?!?

Once again, stopping by with some more great blog candy giveaways.
However, I have removed a giveaway from my last post since she was not happy of the publicity that this blog was giving her apparantly. Little do people realize that no matter where people are linked to her blog from, if they arrive looking for blog candy and see some great creations that they will easily become a subscriber of their blog. Anyways, this is my opinion and I was asked to take the link down so I have done so, sorry for any inconvenience.

And on to some blog candy . . .

Crafting & Living in Japan - Michelle over at Crafting & Living in Japan has some great blog candy including 2 Kodomo stamps and your choice of 5 copic markers! Click here to participate before January 31st, just comment and link! She has some very original creations so please make sure to explore this blog a bit!

Crafty Coo - Lorraine over at Crafty Coo is giving away 2 stamp sets, some acrylic plates, stardust pens, etc! Click here to participate before January 29th, just comment and link!

Tales from Pollycraft - Polly over at Tales from Pollycraft is giving away all 9 of the new Sharing Sherbert Stamp sets! This is such a lovely giveaway, I am getting excited! Click here to participate before February 2nd, just need to spread the word and comment!

A Scrapjourney - Debby over at A Scrapjourney is giving away a blog candy lot including stamp, brads, flowers, and more! Click here to participate before January 30th! All you need to do is comment!

Glitter Me Silly - Caryn over at Glitter Me Silly has not one, but two, blog candy giveaways. The first is a scrapbooking lot, the second is a card lot. Click here to participate before February 7th, all you need to do is comment, but linking is another entry! Don't forget to let her know if you'd like the scrapbooking lot, cardmaking lot, or both in your comment!


Candy said...

Check out my blog candy.....

Moments In Time

n8tvtexan said...

Thanks so much for your kind words & sharing my candy.

Designed by K said...

Hi Brittany! Thanks so much for visiting my blog sweetie! What a neat blog you have..I think you've picked up a new follower LOL! So nice to meet you hun! Stay in touch..xoxo K

Teresa said...

I love the concept behind your blog - thanks for all the hard work!

Maggie said...

I luv this idea of blog candy, we about have blog candy every other week.


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